Thursday, March 21, 2013

Senior Class Prophecy of Batch 2012-2013 (IV- Einstein)

By: Jennfer Coleen M. Damasco

 Greetings everyone! I am Jennifer Coleen M. Damasco, but my class mates in high school used to call me Ferjen or Perjen. It’s been 15 years since someone called me by that name.  I missed the good all days when my friends and I used to annoy, giggle, squabble and just talk about our likes and dislikes back in high school.
I am now thirty- three years old, married and have twins. I work in New York City. I have my own hospital and I named it after me. It’s New York-Ferjenatix Presbyterian Hospital. It’s kind of a peculiar name for a hospital but it doesn’t really matter especially now that I’m one of the most famous and best surgeons in New York City. Yeah, I would say a lot of things have change since then. Who would ever think that all of us would actually have the chance to reach the goals we have aimed for?
I signed in on my facebook account. I saw three hundred fifty notifications and twenty-two messages. Nothing’s new. My facebook is always this action-packed ever since. But one message really caught my attention. And oh my word! It’s from Tom Buxter, the famous Runaway model in the world. I started thinking, “What could possibly go wrong? Maybe he just wanted to say “hello” or maybe he’s planning to undergo a surgery because he’s sick and he’s going to die?   To ease my curiosity, I read his message: 
“Hi! Doctor Jennifer. I heard that you owned the biggest hospital in New York City…New York- Ferjenatix Presbyterian Hospital, am I right? How are you? I miss you so much, Perjen.”
Well, that was a relief. So he doesn’t need surgery. But wait, he called me “Perjen”? Only my closest friends and colleagues know me by that name! I started to panic, who the heck is this Tom Buxter guy? I asked myself.  Just like a pollster, I browsed on to his facebook account and took a careful look on his pictures and whereabouts. And when I was about to give up, a familiar face wedged my interest. A photo of a man wearing a cocktail with a huge ribbon at the right side of his arm that is almost like a walking jewelry. I couldn’t believe what I’m seeing; Paul Brayan Sabuero is Tom Buxter! His complete tackiness is imaginable. I couldn’t help but laugh while staring at his extremely self-obsessed photo shots. It’s definitely him. Why didn’t I notice that before? No wonder he knows me.  
Moreover, I couldn’t help but smile every time I see my best friend’s photo beside my desk. I chiefly place it on a frame just so I can remember her all the time. It seems only like yesterday when we were just young and used to share special moments together on our Junior and Senior High School years.  Her name is Shari Angelee Jayson. We used to dream about her being a psychiatrist and me being a surgeon. Fortunately, the odds are in our favor. She became a renowned psychiatrist in England, she’s also the owner of the five-star Drake Side Coast Hotel and most importantly, she’s the wife of the famed singer, Harry Styles. They have a son named Drake Styles and their family visited me last month in my spectacular exclusive pent house.  
My High-tech phone rang a few hours ago. It is a super advance technology that whenever someone is calling, a projector light will just appear with the face of the person who contacts you. It also has this decoy of yourself who verifies if you really owned the cell phone or not. It has this laser rays who can detect the fingerprints of the owner. The security of this phone is very well secured and no one can attempt to use this except the owner. If a stranger touches the phone, he will be attack by a serious electric shock and will fall asleep for twenty-four hours— disturbing isn’t it? Want to know who invented this exquisite machinery? Well, he is just the world’s greatest, famous, extraordinary scientist in the whole world. He doesn’t just invent high-tech mobiles, he also invented the first flying broom stick---amazing! His name is John Fetzgerald Adaya. He named his product Hypo-proven Tech. He’s in Berlin, having a great time creating his new invention.
I received a video call from my cell phone a while ago. It was from Paul Christian Canoy. I answered it and his face appeared out from the screen like a projector light.  He said:
“Jennifer, I have a terrible headache. Can you come over here in my mansion and check what’s wrong with me? I’ve been feeling dizzy for weeks and this is not normal. I still have a lot of projects to do and I need to get well as soon as possible. I’m here in New York for vacation. I’m at Damston Ford Street block 1239”
“Okay Paul.” I replied.
I went to Paul Canoy’s mansion and saw oodles of paparazzo’s and media men in front of his gate. Paul became a famous actor in Hollywood Heartthrob. He won the best actor award last year in OSCAR.  He has a celebrity girlfriend named Emma Watson. She was also there but was having a hard time getting in. The front gate was filled of nosy annoying crowd so she decided to use the back gate. I, on the other hand, did the same thing.
            Inside the mansion, I walked slowly and noticed a clamor coming from Paul’s room. I knocked on his door and it opened.
            “Hello Ferjen!!!” they exclaimed.
            “Fredric, Khien, Vultazor? You’re all here?” I responded.
            “No! No! No!” They replied sarcastically.
“How are you guys? I miss you all so much!” I replied.
“We’re fine, we miss you too.” They answered.
Fredric Dael is now a famous Cardiologist at Washington. He studied Medicine at Harvard and he is one of the most outstanding students. Isn’t he amazing? He’s a powerful dude when his wearing his gloves on and when he’s wearing his mask it means his really into business. I think hiding his weird mustache is always a good gag to a successful operation. Oh yes! Khien Fernandez became a Taekwando instructor in the Philippine Team. She won a lot of trophies during her reign. She always gets the first place in Poomsae competition.  But now, she’s having all her time training her team for the coming competition for the Olympics. Wow! Holy banana split with full of chocolate fudge and ice creams! She’s marvelous!
Whenever I hear the name of Vultazor Virtucio I feel like our place has been invaded by space aliens! His name is sounded like a big grumpy lord captain from the other Planet; but as a programmer and a hacker, his name stands for thunder bolt; a huge thunder bolt. I really don’t know why he’s called that way, maybe because he’s just a super geek. Not to mention that he works in the CIA (Central Intelligence Agency) of the U.S government.  He’s extraordinary skill really made him notorious. He established a Computer school and named it after him. It’s called, University of Virtucio Mabils Advance Computer Engineering and Technologyawesome!
Dan Audrey Cimacio always reminds me when someone says the word, “tall”. He’s six feet tall, always clean shaved and has a very sophisticated hair cut. He’s a lawyer and a Harvard professor. But instead of teaching criminal law and whatnot, he preferred teaching his mainly favorite subject since high school. Want to guess what? It’s actually—Mathematics. You have to hand it over to him; he just can’t live without it. Fascinatingly, his mathematical skills is also exceedingly used during court cases, debriefings and in cross examining. He always wins. Like he always says during court sessions, “Numbers is just everything, cases like this these only needs Math solutions. With the correct angles and formula, I shall win this case.” Whatever that means!   
The world’s biggest and tallest building is located in the Philippines. It’s the most in demand tourist spot of all nations. It is famous because of its unique structural design. The building’s name is Hypoproven Vendors Royal Tower Hotel. The building gained the official title of "Tallest and Biggest Building in the World" at its opening March 24, 2020. It is 3000 feet tall and 20 hectares wide. According to the structural engineers, Ryan Raphael Raymundo, and Princess Fatmah Alonto, the building's design incorporates the future. The rocket- shaped plan is precisely exquisite.  The design architect, Jennyveive Genoveva Cabigquez, said the design of the building was inspired by her husband Ryan, one of the engineers.
Ryan and Jennyveive are married for two years. They have one son name Jenralph Ryanov Raymundo. Jennyveive is a famous architecture. She owns a furniture shop in Manila and Ryan owns the Biggest Mall in the Philippines. He has 50 branches in Asia and 20 in Europe.
Princess Alonto is also a well-known Engineer.  She redesigned and restructured the Malacanang Palace. Her works were established all over the world. She is married to a Filipino-American businessman and she has two daughters.
I, personally, am not really a big fan of politics. But if you’d ask me about the president, I would say that he’s a great dancer and a philanthropist. But his tacky weird outfit that he wore during the elections was indeed odd. Why would someone want to wear a glittering Black tuxedo and combat boots? An outfit designed by Paul Sabuero aka Tom Buxter really is a bombshell. His fashion designs are like exquisitely made for bizarreness.  Kent Adubal as the 40th president of the Philippines is not strange at all. But the sunglasses he wears everyday and every night—now that’s creepy. 
I miss Philippines, especially the food. I miss going to Kryzl Ray Del Fierro’s Restaurant called the Chupato’s Philippine Savory. It is one of the finest restaurants in the Philippines. They cook the most amazing Philippine dishes! Once you’ve tasted their food, you can’t help but beg for more. That’s how delicious it is. Their food is painstakingly delicious and tasty.  Kryzl is married to James Marth Rayos, a famous and successful business man who owned tremendous businesses. Here as follows: Villa Chupato’s Beach Resort; Chupato’s Salon; Chupato’s Mall of Asia; Banko de Chupato; Chupato’s Exclusive hotel; Chupato’s bags and shoes; Chupato’s Factory of drinks and chips. It’s like he had invaded all the places in the Philippines with all his businesses.
 There was this one time when I was seriously watching T.V. and a commercial trailer popped out of the blue, a familiar face and name astonished me.  A movie trailer entitled The Extraordinary Cop starring Lorenzo Illana, Vanessa Hudgens, Zac Efron and Wesley Snipes. Lorenzo is the lead actor of the movie. He became a famous Hollywood action star. He won a lot of best actor awards in OSCAR and in GRAMMY. He is engaged to a famous actress in Hollywood name Dakota Fanning. They are planning to marry in London in The Drake Side Coast Hotel owned by Shari Jayson; and their honeymoon in Chupato’s Exclusive hotel owned by James and Kryzl.
I took my high-tech cell phone on the table and call the Alumni World Bank of New York City to check my account. Craig Benedict Vallar is the owner of the bank. He is a CPA and a business man. He also owned the Alumni’s Jewelry Shop here in New York.
Jasper Suico is the first and famous astronomer who went on the Ursa major called the Cigar Galaxy using his super advance spaceship which he calls BABY GIRL. Ursa major is a prototype starburst galaxy. Jasper had taken some snapshots of all the planets and introduced it to the world. He found out that Ursa major consists of 10 existing planets. His name is printed to all of the different Newspapers and books and was recognized in the Guineas Book of record as the first astronomer who went in Ursa Major – amazing!
Shanine Dhoty Chavez owned the biggest music industry called the ML (Mona Lisa) Entertainment in Korea. One of her biggest star is the B1A4, a South Korean idol group under the management of Krystela Roa. Both Krystela and Shanine dream came true. And I bet they are both having a great time in Korea eating the spiciest black noodles in the world.
If you are looking for a nice computer game to play just contact The Pyramid Blox Games Store owned by Gerald Llena. He is a class- A geek who’s using five computers at the same time.  He’s a guru when it comes to games. He is a programmer and a monstrous computer hacker. Guess what, when he broke both of his arms because of his motor racing sport, he uses his feet in typing codes. Isn’t that phenomenal and disturbing at the same time?
Today is the era of technologies. If you think only planes can travel high through the sky then you are wrong. Daniel Esling is a famous pilot and an inventor. He made the first yacht that can do air and land travel. I don’t know how he does it but all I can say is that, his invention is tremendously bizarre!
Caressa Amor Aanonson is the first veterinarian who made a perfect animal clone. She even made new species by combining different DNA’s. What’s really remarkable is that her experiments never fail. She made an animal that generates power and he called it Pokemon. The Pokemons are bought and sold all over the world. Good news is that they are all cute, cuddly, soft, sweet, sociable and squishy and they can be customized.  The only bad news is that they can be really hyper and tend to do extremely dreadful damages when they are pressured or stressed out. But as their popularity and number increases, these Pok√©mon’s have become a worldwide problem. Fortunately the WPPO (World Pokemon Peace Order) is highly thankful to Matthew Roxas, the best Pokemon Hunter, Master and inventor who created the Pokeball.
He travels everywhere to collect different kinds of amazing Pokemon. He even has a Lolli Pokemon Training Facility to teach little kids how to take care of their Pokemons. Matthew enjoys training the kids especially the little girls. Presheyll Ayuban A.K.A. Tatskie also collects Pokemons yet his passion is making robots. He spends most of his time inside his laboratory creating Helper-bots and Soldier-bots. He even made his own City called The Guinea-Bots Tatskie - City of Macro and Micro bots. All the presidents of the different countries depend on his invention for weaponry. He is also one of the world’s greatest inventors.
And Lastly, Ray-an Vince Yray, the world’s top best fashion designer and model. He owns the biggest Company in the Fashion Industry. He has his own T.V. station named RVY stands for Ray-an Vince Yray. He’s a fashion goddess.  He’s the first person who had a photo shoot on the top of Statue of liberty’s head. Can you imagine the sacrifice he made just for the sake of fashion? He’s also the first person who designed the ten-inch tall high heel shoe with a special instant press button on the left side to release the wheels whenever you’re tired of walking—terrific!
Impossible as this story may seem but it’s indeed gratifying to somehow express and reminisce the bonding and the unrelenting jokes that my colleagues, friends, best friends, closest friends and “frenemies” have shared. I, most importantly would always remember the contagious laughs that are multiplied similar to an infection to each classmates. The gags, tales and the shaggy dog stories of how we even started doing this comical scene is more likely a yarn of hope to remind us that life is not always about silly expectations and dreams, but about real ambition and reality.
Our time together has been really short.   But the closeness that we have is truly magical. Congratulations class of 2013, we did it!
Thank you for listening and God bless you all.

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